Advantages of a Greenhouse Electrical Supply

It is feasible to have a satisfactory home greenhouse without any electrical supply. However, you will experience far better results while making life easier for both yourself and your plants if you install various systems and gadgets to assist you. To begin with, there is basic socket outlets and lighting. Even the smallest of home greenhouses can come in at over two hundred square feet while larger versions can rival the size of small house at around two thousand square feet. At those sizes, a suitable greenhouse electrical supply becomes a necessity.
Just imagine the variety and choice of plants that you will be able fit into a structure with those dimensions. For instance, there will more than enough room for a wide assortment of plants including bonsai, orchids, fruits, vegetables and any number of plant species that will need protection from harsh winters.

With the installation of electrical outlets, you will be able to plug in space heaters, to compensate for excessively low winter temperatures when you have long days of no sun. Then in the hot summer months, you may want to run a fan to regulate heat and supply airflow. Did you know for example that orchids in the wild thrive up where there are breezes?

Then of course, there is the obvious advantage of having some form of lighting for working in the greenhouse after dark.

Aside from these very basic systems and devices, several specialized tools can make your endeavors easier while keeping your plants happy and safe.

Automated greenhouse watering systems are a great help and can be set to provide just the right quantity of water where and when needed. High-speed drills, soil heating devices and an assortment of even more exotic aids all need electricity to function.

More advanced greenhouses may have a light control system, shades or shutters, that operate by sensing the amount of light and opening or closing down automatically. Solar panel systems, while neat and helpful cannot always supply enough power to run larger equipment.

You should plan for both 110V and 220V outlets with sufficient capacity to cover the equivalent of two normal home bedrooms or more. Special-purpose outlets, conduit and other electrical components are available online or at the hardware store. If you, like the majority of gardeners, do not possess the knowledge to install greenhouse electrical supply systems, enlist the services of an electrical contractor who can supply and fit all the right parts for you.

Whatever you do, do not scrimp on the electrical outlets. It is not only annoying, but also unsafe to have an outlet ten feet away when you need one at the base of your table. Be sure to order or insist on components and a supply that will more than cover your requirements now and in the future. Establishing a suitable electrical system during construction is a lot easier than trying to modify it later when the greenhouse has been built.

Plan and be prepared to commit around twenty percent of your overall budget to the greenhouse electrical supply system. The payoff in convenience and the well-being of your plants will more than compensate in the long term.